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Insurance Cover for Tenants    

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen NW Brown Insurance Brokers as our preferred broker for the insurance needs of our Landlords & Tenants.

Shaun Carter, Business Development Manager at NW Brown says “Our friendly and knowledgeable team look forward to assisting and advising Lillys Estates Landlords and Tenants through all stages of the insurance process.”

For more details please find enclosed their introductory letter and brochure and to quote and buy online go to http://tenantinsurance.nwbrown.co.uk or call NW Brown on 01223 720350.

Insurance Cover for Landlords


Insurance…I’ll leave it where it is for now. It’s all the same isn’t it?

What you may not realise is the insurer you choose will decide how much or how little Lillys Estates can do for you. This could impact the level of assistance you receive if you need to submit a claim or simply paying for the renewal premium.


If you choose to insure through our chosen broker, it will allow us to assist in the claims process. Premiums can be taken annually from your rent account so you can obtain tax benefits more simply and you can be assured that you have a comprehensive policy.

Landlords can provide details of their properties through the website at



Rent Guarantee & Rent Recovery

All landlords would like a hassle free tenant, unfortunately situations can occur which are beyond both your agent and tenants control, such as job loss and relationship breakdowns.


NW Brown offers the following policies, subject to policy terms and conditions to provide cover for such situations:

·         Rent guarantee at £175 per annum

·         Rent recovery for £85 per annum. This also includes cover for property disputes and court attendance expenses.


Once cover is in force you can request for payment to come from your rent account with us which will assist in obtaining the tax benefits.


For more details please see the attached leaflet, visit the website - http://www.nwbrown.co.uk/insurance-brokers/landlords-insurance/landlords_enquiry or contact NW Brown Insurance Brokers on 01223 720350 to take out a policy.